Taipei Community Gospel Choir (TCGC)

A brand new choir is being launched in Taipei this November, 2010. The Taipei Community Gospel Choir (TCGC), forms part of a TV series which explores the popularity of Black Gospel music in Asia. Producer, Arthur Martin, has travelled Asia in search of a true Black Gospel sound that competes with its American counterpart. "If an Asian choir is going to perform in the Black Gospel style", he says, "how does it compare to say, European attempts and to some extent, American choirs? Whilst Europeans 'just don't get it', the sounds coming out of Asia captures the essence of pure traditional and contemporary Black Gospel, with some surprising results."

So why the TCGC? "Part of the TV series is to create a choir from scratch and to introduce an unique sound which complements Asia and Black Gospel. Taiwan is one of the few Asian countries with no Black Gospel sound," he says, "Taipei seems an ideal city. I want the American Black Gospel industry taking about TCGC".

So what is a community choir? "Following the format of choirs such as the London Community Gospel Choir, Harlem Gospel Choir, etc, choir members are made up of the community, of all races and ages. TCGC will consist of around 30 - 40 choir members, 5 - 8 soloists and Taiwanese musicians." Martin adds, "I am keen to work within the Taipei church movement and outside."

More than just a TV series? "My vision is to see TCGC tour the world with its unique sound," Martin says, "if the London Community Gospel Choir can visit Japan each year, and Harlem Gospel Choir tour Asia each year, its about time we create the reverse".

For those of you in the church Black Gospel music is considered an art form worldwide. It reaches many people who have no religious faith and those that do. TCGC will have a major impact spreading the Christian message. If you are familiar with the Black Gospel style of 'doing Church in a concert hall', then TCGC needs your support.

Further details and updates TCGC will be formed from mid November and this site will be updated with all the relevant details.Telephone: 0987 574 258 Email enquiries can be sent to Arthur Martin here

Part of the Black Gospel in Asia TV series - more details here